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Electrical faults can be costly, and sometimes result into loss of life. To ensure the safety of your children and protection of electrical appliances, you need to be sure that electrical installation is done right. For electrical inspection services in Lawndale, contact FirstToCall Electrician Lawndale. We are duly registered and licensed to practice in Lawndale and the surrounding towns. We provide qualified and registered electricians who ensure proper electrical inspection has been done. Therefore, give us a call right away and we will be glad to serve you.

Electrical Safety is our Primary Concern

At FirstToCall Electrician Lawndale, we are ready to ensure your safety and that of your loved ones. We are keen to identify any electrical concerns and provide a recommendation on how it should be handled. Therefore, we have invested in state of the art equipment used for electrical inspection. We scan through the electrical installation, guaranteeing our customers accurate results.


Talk to FirstToCall Electrician Lawndale for electrical inspections. We conduct pre-purchase, Pre renting and pre selling electrical inspections. Our phone number is (818)322-0248. Call us right now to schedule for the services.


We Ensure True and Transparency When Reporting

No electrical issue will pass unnoticed. We are keen to identify all the electrical installation errors. Therefore, we provide a valid report, guaranteeing the customer that quality checks will be done and in the right way. Therefore, when you need us for electrical inspection before buying a house, be assured we will provide valid results. We ensure transparency to our customers. We shall check every electrical fixture and the electrical wires to guarantee you quality results. Call us now for trusted electrical inspection.

Experienced Personnel

We employ electricians who have undergone a thorough training when it comes to electrical installations and quality checks. Therefore, you will never have to regret later, as we provide qualified and trusted personnel we have earned a good reputation when it comes to electrical inspections, and we guarantee you an honest report.